Building Materials going "Brown"

There’s more to building materials than just wood, and Miguel Elliott is hoping to raise awareness of that with the debut of his documentary, “Earth Building: Adobe is Alive!” on Saturday, Feb. 12 at Boulevard Cinemas.

Earth Building Movie

   Earth Building Movie   My first public showing of the film Earth Building is happening very soon!  Saturday, Feb 12 at 11 am,  We have musicians  lined up to play in the lobby and other entertainment is in effect. &n

Using Natural Resources- Petaluma Argus


Using Natural Resources

This article appeared in the Petaluma Argus


Wizard of Earth article

The Press democrat did a story on me called the Wizard of Earth.   Here's a piece of it

It’s a 10-minute dance to turn this earthen mixture into building material — usually done to a background of Arabic music or Native American chants.

Living Earth Structures: The Adobe of the Future - Winter 2010

With the winter season in full effect, this has allowed me to hibernation time to work on a movie on natural building, appropriately called "Living Earth Structures: The Adobe of the Future" 

Here is the trailer:

Middle East Trip

For all my life, the ongoing conflict in the Middle East has always troubled me greatly, and I have always felt the urge to do my part to help restore sanity.  This Winter, I have been invited to come to Jerusalem to build cob ovens and benches in community gardens there.  There is a garden built over a bomb shelter where we will be building our first oven.  in addition to offering my own styles of natural building, I am hoping to learn some valuable techniques from them as well. 

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