Living Earth Structures

Cob, Adobe Bench at Casa Grande High School, Petaluma

This article was featured in the Press Democrat about the cob, adobe benches we were making at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma.  WE made two benches one inthe shape of a C and the other in the shape of a large G.

Cob Classroom in San Antonio Elementary School

  This outdoor cob classroom was built during the Lightening in a Bottle Permaculture Day in Lockwood.  It was made using adobe bricks, bottle bricks and cob.  The build was lead by Miguel Elliott, Sir Cobalot of Living Earth Structures.  It was so great seeing the kids all helping build their classroom.  Everybody in the community is very happy with how it all turned out.

Living Earth Structures: The Adobe of the Future - Winter 2010

With the winter season in full effect, this has allowed me to hibernation time to work on a movie on natural building, appropriately called "Living Earth Structures: The Adobe of the Future" 

Here is the trailer:

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