Cob Buddha, Miguel cob, Sir Cobalot,
January, 2018
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New Cob Slideshow
Cob Art, Earth Art,
December, 2017

This is a video discussing Living Earth Structures

Natural Building Video
Palletable Cobin, Pallet cob House
December, 2017

This "Palletable Cobin" is made from shipping pallets, filled with straw, covered in cob. Very well insulated, and beautiful. Probably the best solution for low income housing.

Palletable Cobin
the Hobbit Cobin, Cob in Petaluma
December, 2017

This Hobbit Cobin was built in West Side Petaluma and is a lovely relaxing "Children's play structure"

Hobbit Cobin
Here is the Palletable Cobin built at Real Goods out of Pallets, straw and cob.
December, 2017

Here is a small hut built out of pallets, insulated with straw and covered in an Earthen plaster, called a "Palletable Cobin"

Solar Living Center, Hopland
Hobbit Hut, earth hut, Isis Oasis earthen structures, cob hut,
November, 2017

Here is a new adobe hut I just built at Isis Oasis which is being used as a rental space. It is made with adobe bricks from Earth on the property. It has a rocket mass heater stove, grass on the roof, very thick walls, an earthen floor, and beautiful stain glass windows.

Isis Oasis
Cob Hobbit Hut
Dogon Dome, Cob in Mali, Earthbag dome, Cob in Africa
November, 2017

This dome was built during a workshop lead by Earthen Hand Natural Building, and finished by Miguel.  It is now being used as a music room.  It is made using Earth bags covered with an earthen plaster.

Mali, Africa
Dogon Dome
This Adobe Dome was built for meditation and prayer.
November, 2017

This dome was built using earth right on site to house the Deity Durga

Adobe Meditation Dome
Butterfly Social Club, Organic Nightclub, Cob in Chicago, Natural Building in th
November, 2017

This was an Organic Nightclub built in downtown Chicago next to the funky Buddha. All the benches, tables, DJ Booth and doorways were all sculpted out of cob. It may well be the largest Earthen Sculpture in an Urban space.

Downtown Chicago
Cob at Esalen, Cobzebo
November, 2017

This Project was done down at Esalen in the Gazebo Park School as part of a Permaculture Design Course..

Cobzebo at Esalen