June, 2017

We are working with an Engineer and architect now to get these Palletable Cobin permitted through the building department. Please click in the link below for more information. Thanks

Cob Kitchen, Cob on Cobb Mountain, Cob at Pine Grove
May, 2017

This is an oven that was built at Pine Grove Resort. It has a heated bench.

Pine Grove, Cobb Mountain
April, 2017

This is a video of the Palletable Cobin we built during a workshop at Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm in Middletown.

Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm
Palletable Cobin,
November, 2016

This is one of the largest ovens we have done, using firebricks for the dome, instead of adobe. It is being used to cook pizzas for their restaurant, and other foods.

Russian River Winery, Forestville
Palletable Cobin, Pallet cob House
October, 2016

This "Palletable Cobin" is made from shipping pallets, filled with straw, covered in cob. Very well insulated, and beautiful. Probably the best solution for low income housing.

This "Hobbit Cobin" was built in Petaluma with cob and adobe bricks.
October, 2016

This Hobbit Cobin was built in West Side Petaluma and is a lovely relaxing "Children's play structure"

This Cob Library was built during the sebastopol village building convergence
October, 2016

This Cob Library was built during the Village Building Convergence. It is intended for neighbors to come take/leave a book

West Santa Rosa
Beehive Cob Oven, Cob at Real Goods, natural building california, cob ovens
October, 2016

This Oven was built during the Permaculture Convergence, and fork-lifted to this new location near the children's area.

Solar Living Institute, Real Goods
This Cob Love Dove Peace Bench was built during a festival at Jackson Wellspring
August, 2016

This Cob Love Dove Peace Bench was built during two different festivals at Jackson Wellsprings. 250 adobe bricks were made during one festival and then set into place and sculpted during the next festival.

Jackson Wellsprings
July, 2016

The Cob oven, bench built during the village building convergence was recently replastered and stones were set on the base.

Hardcore Coffee, Sebastopol