Cob Gingerbread House
November, 2017

This House was built out of pallets filled with straw and then covered in cob. It has LED lights running through the stain glass.

Isis Oasis
November, 2017

This is a video of the Palletable Cobin we built during a workshop at Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm in Middletown.

Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm
Palletable Cobin,
Cob Shower
November, 2017

This Cob Shower was made with pallets, insulated with straw covered in cob. Sealed with linseed oil

Cob Sound Chamber, Cob Dome
October, 2017

this Dome was built using a bamboo frame, covered in aviary wire, then burlap sacks dipped in a wet clay slip, and then cob on the inside and outside.  A skylight was placed into the roof to allow light in.  It is used for sound healing now by Sound Healer Jan Cercone.

Fairfax Crystal Chalice
Sound Chamber Dome
This Cob Hot Tub was sealed with Lindseed oil mineral spirits and beeswax
October, 2017
Cob Hot Tub
Earthbag dome, Mushroom hut, natural building at Damanhur, Cob in Italy
October, 2017

I have just returned from visiting the Amazing Damanhur Community in Italy, where I was working on finishing an earthbag/cob house that had been started a year earlier. The house has arugula growing on the roof.

Damanhur Eco Village, Italy
Earthbag Mushroom House
"Cobalone" Benches at Centrally Grown, Cob Benches in Cambria
October, 2017

These cob benches were built at the Centrally Grown Marketplace in Cambria. I embedded abalone shells into them, so I call them "Cobalone" benches. It is located right across the street from the ocean, so it has a beautiful view. The local Earth used was sandstone, which works very well for cob.

Centrally Grown, Cambria
This cobzebo was built in Cotati
October, 2017

This Cobzebo was built on a farm in Cotati. It has two ovens, one for gluten free, vegan pizzas and the other for whatever you want to cook. The benches can seat 20 people

Petaluma Hill Road
Cob School in El Bolson Argentina, Cob Waldorf school,
October, 2017
El Bolson, Argentina
Cob Classroom, cob at lightening in a bottle
September, 2017

This cob classroom was built during the Lightening in a Bottle Festival Permaculture Action Day. It was a collaboration of four different natural builders all offering their expertise. It will be used by the San Antonio Elementary School.

Lockwood Elementary School