This Cob Love Dove Peace Bench was built during a festival at Jackson Wellspring
August, 2016

This Cob Love Dove Peace Bench was built during two different festivals at Jackson Wellsprings. 250 adobe bricks were made during one festival and then set into place and sculpted during the next festival.

Jackson Wellsprings
July, 2016

The Cob oven, bench built during the village building convergence was recently replastered and stones were set on the base.

Hardcore Coffee, Sebastopol
This cobzebo was built in Cotati
April, 2016

This Cobzebo was built on a farm in Cotati. It has two ovens, one for gluten free, vegan pizzas and the other for whatever you want to cook. The benches can seat 20 people

Petaluma Hill Road
Coboose is loose
April, 2016

This mobile cob hut, Coboose was made out of pallets, filled with straw covered in cob. A great solution for super low income housing. This could serve as a children's play hut, sauna, deluxe dog house, meditation hut, or a sleeping chamber.

Sonoma county
Double chamber oven
December, 2015

This oven was built behind the California Hotel in Oakland to provide pizzas for its 250 residents there. It was made with a chamber below to make a fire, which can provide additional heat for the primary cooking chamber, and keep the fire brick floor hot. It works great!

Hotel California, People's Grocery
December, 2015

This oven was built at Marggies farm with the help of her farm workers. It has been used lots so far. Cob was put over the cinderblocks as well to make the wall more natural.

Margigie's Farm
Pallet, Cob house
December, 2015

This house was built out of used shipping pallets, insulated with straw and covered in cob. It is about 120 sq. feet. It was built on peir blocks, so it can be jacked up and made mobile if necessary.

Isis Oasis Retreat Center
Mayan Pyramid Oven
November, 2015

This oven was built during the Symbiosis Festival and then moved to the Urban Tilthe Farm in Richmond

Symbiosis Festival
Cob Oven at Afrika Town, Oakland
November, 2015

This oven was built during the Urban Permaculture Design Course in Oakland. It was first used during the anti-gentrification gathering on Nov.8.

AfrikaTown , Oakland
mini pallet house, cob play structure, cob dog house
November, 2015

This little pallet children's play structure/dog house was built at the Solar Living Institute in Hopland during the Permaculture Convergence.

Solar Living Institute, Hopland